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How do we share knowledge?

|Since the beginning of times, Humans have shared acquired information through the means of writings. |

The first writing system, which we know of, was discovered in the Sumer region (Mesopotamia) dating back to 3400 BC. Originally the writing system, known as cuneiform, was used to communicate the Sumerian’s behaviours. It was initially a pictorial-style language, but later became a complex system of characters.

The writing was slowly altered as new civilisations grew and joined, it gave birth to the Latin alphabet that is widely used today.

This script, no longer used today, has helped to comprehend our History and what lead us to today. Without writings, there would be no insights to our civilisation’s History.

Today, as we are going through these revolutionary transformations, we need to keep an awareness of those changes, and how impactful we are, as Humans. Alike Ancient times, we have can communicate our understanding of our modern world through writings, therefor books.

So today I am sharing with you books on the climate crisis, which I believe everyone should read!

BUT when picking up a book, think about the eco-friendliest solution.

Indeed, consider sharing it with friends, borrowing it from your neighbourhood library OR if you decide to purchase one, support your local bookshops.


Some must-reads to learn about the present world, how we are living with it and how to have positive impacts:

- All we can save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson.

- No. More. Plastic. : What you can do to make a difference, by Martin Dorey.

- Being Ecological, by Timothy Morton.

- How did we get into this mess, by George Monbiot.

- Climate Justice, by Mary robinson. (But any of her books really!).

For my French Reader:

- Journal de Guerre Écologique, by Hugo Clement.

- Ils l’ont fait et ça marche: Comment l’écologie change déjà la France, by Pascale D’Erm.

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